Professional Services


Professional service organisations need to work with an IT partner who can provide comprehensive and robust IT systems and solutions. As they are often managed by a number of partners, or board of directors, strong communication and proactive action are also vital attributes when supporting a professional services company.

Many professional service businesses, such as accountants, law firms and financial providers, are regulated, which reinforces the high standards expected from IT support organisations they work with.

Some of the benefits we’ve provided professional services organisations with are:

  • Installed a new cloud based VOIP phone system, which reduced business disruption previously caused by old, faulty phone lines
  • Full encyption and security of client data
  • Managing and securing lost devices and their data across any number of locations throughout the UK is made easier and faster by using Microsoft Intune
  • Multi factor authentication implementation across multiple devices
  • Network configuration throughout multiple locations
  • 24 hour support and disaster recovery resolution facilitates business continuity and minimises disruption
  • IT Backbone’s Cyber Essentials accreditation demonstrates to clients the priority of cyber security threats to us, and reassures our recruitment clients that we work according to cyber security best practice
  • Microsoft 365 enables flexible and remote working for all our clients; it also removes the need to purchase expensive hardware, saving recruitment companies significant amounts of money
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM), provided by Microsoft Intune, managed a large professional services firm’s devices, so that personal and business information were isolated, and specific groups of users had defined access to groups of apps, maximising the security of sensitive business data

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