Cyber security


Cybercrime is a huge concern for businesses of every size throughout the world. In 2020, the cybercrime industry was estimated to value $1 trillion, which is set to rise, as the number of devices connected is ever increasing.
Managed Antivirus

The use of a robust, reliable antivirus engine on each of your endpoints is of paramount importance. IT Backbone utilises a service from Webroot that alerts us if any device is not working correctly, or if it is not using the most recent antivirus definitions.

Email Security

Mimecast is a world leader when it comes to the filtering and security of email, and as a Mimecast partner, IT Backbone can supply, support and manage these services for you. Not only will Mimecast filter your mail, removing spam, viruses and dangerous file types but it can also re-write embedded URLs, which will help protect against phishing and clicking on dangerous links in emails. With Mimecast’s “Data Loss Prevention” feature, Mimecast can recognise certain strings of information if they are sent from your systems, including sensitive information such as credit card numbers.

Mimecast also provides a continuity feature, which could help with your BCP, even if your email provider fails, ie Exchange server or Microsoft 365 goes offline. Mimecast can continue to deliver your mail until your service is back online again. Mimecast is also able to archive all emails, including internal emails into a protected unchangeable archive, which can be of use for litigation purposes.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Often the weakest part of our systems is the user, and keeping our passwords safe is part of ensuring you have a secure system. If, however, you deploy 2FA, then even if your password is compromised, a potential hacker would still not be able to login to your systems, unless they were also in possession of your token. IT Backbone have partnered with multiple vendors to provide a secure but simple to use 2FA system. The token is usually a small app on your smartphone. As you log in to your system using your usual password, a pop up will appear on your phone and all you need to do is click OK…it’s that simple!

Cyber Security Awareness

To strengthen the overall security of your business, we need to raise the awareness of your users. This service will regularly send phishing emails internally and record the users that are susceptible to clicking on things they shouldn’t. We will enrol users onto short online training courses on various cyber security subjects, with a test at the end. New starters can be auto-enrolled as part of an induction process.

All of the above can then be compiled into a useful monthly/quarterly report to present to your senior management team. In our experience, this service dramatically reduces the risk of any of your users succumbing to attempts by cyber criminals to extort money from the business.

Mobile Device Management

There are a vast array of options when it comes to protecting devices on the move, this can be from the ability to simply wipe the device, up to full containerisation whereby business and personal information are all kept completely separate given you more control over what can be accessed and what apps can run when being used for business. We at IT Backbone work with several partners such as Microsoft Intune, in order to provide the solution that fits the business.

Managed Security Service

Our team can take care of all aspects of your IT security, advising on appropriate domain group policy settings, password rotation policies, active directory health and maintenance, file and other service permissions, firewall and remote access rules. We will ensure that hardware is at appropriate firmware levels. We can also provide penetration and vulnerability testing to give you peace of mind that all is as it should be.

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