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IT Backbone helps make managing multiple devices, working partnerships and locations much easier for building and construction companies


An IT infrastructure that can enable a business to operate from multiple locations and with multiple roles is critical for building and construction companies. As many employees work in very different environments and with a number of different third parties throughout just one business, support and infrastructure has to allow businesses and projects to run smoothly and at a fast pace.

Integration with third party software for engineers, architects and project management stakeholders limit downtime and optimise work rate, while maintaining secure and bespoke infrastructure.

Some of the benefits we’ve provided construction companies with are:

  • Migration to IT Backbone’s own private cloud maximises efficiency and communication across any number of locations
  • Cloud migration takes an hourly data snapshot, which we replicated offsite in the unlikely event of a DR incident
  • We can provision MPLS connectivity from your location directly to your servers, use VPN connectivity or a combination of both, to provide additional redundancy
  • Each client is provided with their own network within the environment with options around the type firewalls that suit the business needs
  • We deliver cyber security training for employees no matter where they work in the business (for example – in an office or on a site), to equip everyone with the knowledge and tools to be able to play their part in protecting the company against cyber security threats
  • 24 hour support and disaster recovery resolution minimise downtime and disruption
  • IT Backbone’s Cyber Essentials accreditation demonstrates to clients the priority of cyber security threats to us, and reassures our recruitment clients that we work according to cyber security best practice
  • Microsoft 365 enables flexible and remote working for all our clients; it also removes the need to purchase expensive hardware, saving recruitment companies significant amounts of money
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM), provided by Microsoft Intune, managed a large construction firm’s devices, so that personal and business information were isolated, and specific groups of users had defined access to groups of apps, maximising the security of sensitive business data
  • Managing and securing lost devices and their data across any number of locations throughout the UK is made easier and faster by using Microsoft Intune

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