Private Cloud Hosting


At IT Backbone we offer a number of cloud computing solutions, including hosted desktops, emails, backup and disaster recovery, server virtualisation, remote desktops, storage solutions, and many more.


IT Backbone has invested heavily in a hosting solution that gives the performance and availability that you would expect from any cloud provider. Using enterprise class hardware from HP, Cisco and Palo Alto and virtualisation technologies from VMware we have built an environment that spans multiple sites with redundant hardware and internet links.

We can ensure that your data is snapshotted hourly and replicated offsite in the unlikely event of a DR incident. The environment is constantly maintained and managed for capacity directly by our team at IT Backbone.

As this environment is completely owned and managed by us, we can guarantee that your data remains within UK datacentres at all times.

We can provision MPLS connectivity from your location directly to your servers, use VPN connectivity or a combination of both, to provide additional redundancy. Each client is provided with their own network within the environment with options around the type firewalls that suit the business needs.


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