Passwords on a Post-It



The age-old joke of seeing passwords like Password123 written down on Post-It notes should be a thing of the past. But it may surprise you to discover that this is still a pretty common occurrence.

Whether you use the same passwords for all logins, or you use a number of different but obvious passwords, there’s a really simple way to use a different, complex and strong variety of passwords, without you having to remember anything.

Enter the password manager.

The concept of a password manager is a simple one but can offer so much more than you realise.

A password manager contains a ‘password vault’, a secure database in which you save your passwords, in the vault they will be encrypted with the latest and most robust encryption technologies. This password vault is then only accessed by using a master Password. However, storing passwords digitally and securely like this isn’t the only benefit that password managers provide:

  • Automatic form-filling: Many password managers, such as Dashlane, Last Pass and Keeper, have the ability to automatically fill in login pages with your saved credentials, saving you the time of having to manually enter your username and password. In fact, it is entirely possible for you not to know the password for a webpage account and have your password manager fill in the details for you
  • Password generation: Do you ever find yourself struggling to come up with a new and secure password when setting up an account? Then let the password manager do it for you. They randomly generate passwords with controls including how many characters the password should contain, which characters to include, etc. Since you have a password manager already, there is no need for the generated password to be memorable, as you can save it right then and there. It can be 30 characters long and a jumble of letters and numbers
  • Automatic password checking: Many password generators have built in features to check the security of your passwords. For example, how long the password has been used for, if that password on an account has been used elsewhere in your vault, if that password is long/complex enough. These features allow you to easily review and secure your catalogue of passwords


Here are our top 3 password manager tips

  1. Create a secure master password: Ensure that your master password is secure as possible by following our password creating article here
  2. Enable MFA on your password manager: Ensure that your master password has been secured with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as an extra layer of security
  3. Do your research: There are many password managers out there, and they offer different features and at different prices. I’d recommend checking some reviews or lists and seeing which password manager would suit you the best

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