Our top 5 books for World Book Day


Today is World Book Day, and its positive and powerful messages about the benefits of reading continues this year, despite lockdown.

There are 12 new children’s books that can be bought for just £1, which is a great way for children to read new books with just a little outlay.

We’ve taken a work related spin on World Book Day, and have summarised our top 5 favourite books to share.


How technology works – the facts explained by DK
The book explains machinery that powers technology, both modern and more traditional (think zips and can openers as well as driverless cars!). The book couples explanations with simple and original graphics, and the graphics show deconstructed devices, to really demonstrate how they work.


The science of self discipline by Peter Hollins
This is great book for understand motivation and self discipline, and putting measures in place to help skyrocket your self discipline. Hollins explains the detail of factors which comprise self discipline.


The evolution of technology by George Basalia
This book presents the evolution of technology from the perspective of organic evolution, rather than from the theory and practical of political revolution. The themes of diversity, necessity and technological evolution continue throughout the book, and covers major technological achievements including the water wheel, printing press, and the transistor.


The future is faster than you think by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler
This is the authors’ third book together, having previously released Abundance, and Bold. The future is faster than you think explores how our daily lives and society as a whole might be affected by technological convergence, in aspects including food, transport and education.


Atomic habits by James Clear
Atomic habits are tiny habits, and the author helps the reader to set goals properly, and helps you to make positive habits easy and bad habits difficult. There are some brilliant examples included to help you achieve the things you want to, and most importantly, to help you understand why.


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