Microsoft and Samsung join up to improve work phone security


Have you ever had that awful sick panic, where you’ve gone through your pockets, your bag, your car, five times over, and you just can’t find your work phone?

Devices themselves are replaceable of course; but it’s often what’s on the device that brings on that awful panic when you lose it.

Everyone’s heard horror stories about sensitive business or government data being discovered on lost devices, in coffee shops, on trains, in shops, and all sorts of other places.

But if you have a Samsung Galaxy, then you’ll be really interested in a gamechanging new solution coming soon from Windows and Samsung.

They’re launching something called on-device attestation. It lets companies see if mobile devices have been compromised, even at their deepest components. It’s like a security guard for your phone.

Why is it such a great solution?

Both parties bring their A-game of expertise – Samsung’s software and hardware innovations marry up superbly with Microsoft’s endpoint management expertise.

And whilst other device attestation tools require a network connection and access to cloud services, this solution works reliably regardless of network connectivity or device ownership model.

The solution will be released alongside Microsoft Intune (previously known as Windows Intune), a unified endpoint management service for both corporate devices and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). And it will be available to select Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, especially those “Secured by Knox”.

So wherever you’re working, you’ll be able to breathe easy in case the worst happens!

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