Microsoft and Google backup are not secure


Did you know that the backup of your files made by Microsoft and Google are not secure?

We all think that once we clicked ‘save’ that all our document and emails are safe. It is true to some extend as long as nothing goes wrong!


Well the reason is that should something goes wrong with your cloud account and you loose your data, there are no way to get anything back – no email, document or presentation. Even if you contact Google or Microsoft you will just get an answer that say that it is not possible to retrieve your data. But there is a solution!

Why Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup is where you keep a copy of everything in your business. It is essential for accountants, lawyers, and recruitment agencies to have cloud back up, due to the sensitive and critical nature of the data they handle. Here are the key reasons why cloud backup is important for these professions, along with the different aspects of their businesses that need to be backed up:

Importance of Cloud Backup

1. Data Security and Protection

Cloud backup provides an additional layer of security against data loss caused by hardware failures, natural disasters, or cyber-attacks. For accountants, lawyers, and recruitment agencies, losing client data could have severe legal and financial repercussions.

2. Regulatory Compliance

These professions often handle sensitive information and are subject to stringent data protection regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, or industry-specific compliance standards. Cloud backup ensures that data is stored and managed in compliance with these regulations, reducing the risk of penalties and legal issues.

3. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster, having cloud backups ensures that business operations can continue with minimal interruption. Quick data recovery helps maintain client trust and keeps the business running smoothly.

4. Data Integrity and Version Control

Cloud backup solutions often include versioning, which allows businesses to restore previous versions of files. This is crucial for legal and accounting firms that may need to retrieve and verify specific versions of documents for audits or legal cases.

Aspects of the Business that Need to be Backed Up

1. Client Records and Financial Data

For accountants, this includes tax records, financial statements, and client correspondence. Lawyers need to back up case files, legal documents, and client communications. Recruitment agencies must protect candidate resumes, client contracts, and placement records.

2. Email Communications

Email is a primary communication tool for these professions. Backing up email ensures that important conversations and agreements are not lost and can be retrieved if needed for legal purposes or client disputes.

3. Legal and Compliance Documents

Contracts, agreements, compliance certificates, and other legal documents must be securely backed up to ensure they are available for audits or legal proceedings.

4. Operational Data

This includes internal documentation, HR records, payroll information, and other operational data critical to the functioning of the business.

How IT Backbone Can Help

IT Backbone, as a Managed IT service provider, can assist accountants, lawyers, and recruitment agencies in implementing a robust cloud backup strategy to ensure data security, compliance, and business continuity:

1. Assessment and Planning

IT Backbone can conduct a thorough assessment of the business’s current IT infrastructure and data management practices. They can then design a tailored cloud backup plan that meets the specific needs of the business.

2. Implementation

IT Backbone will handle the setup and configuration of the cloud backup solution, ensuring that all critical data is identified and included in the backup processes. This includes setting up automated backups to minimize the risk of human error.

3. Regulatory Compliance

IT Backbone is knowledgeable about various data protection regulations and can ensure that the backup solutions comply with these requirements. They can provide documentation and support for compliance audits.

4. Security Measures

They implement advanced security measures, such as encryption and secure access controls, to protect backed-up data from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

5. Monitoring and Maintenance

Continuous monitoring and maintenance services ensure that backups are running smoothly and any issues are promptly addressed. IT Backbone provides regular reports and can perform periodic tests to ensure data can be successfully restored when needed.

6. Disaster Recovery Planning

In addition to cloud backup, IT Backbone can develop comprehensive disaster recovery plans that include strategies for quick data restoration and minimal downtime, ensuring business resilience.


By partnering with IT Backbone, accountants, lawyers, and recruitment agencies can confidently manage their data, comply with legal and regulatory standards, and protect against cyber threats, all while focusing on their core business activities.

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