Copy and paste spoiler alert


Pasting as plain text is coming!

Copying and pasting in Windows can drive you crazy when the formatting messes up your documents. Soon you’ll be able to paste as plain text, in the major feature update for this year, which is expected in the winter.

When the feature is available in version 21H2, or ‘Sun Valley’ for short, all you’ll need to do to use it is open your clipboard history (WIN + V) and click on ‘paste as plain text’ under the item.

The feature is currently in testing, and is likely to be positively received by many using a text editor such as Notepad as the middle man between Copy and Paste.

While Windows 10 21H2 is still in development, with no official big reveal details or dates, the update is rumoured to also include rounded corners in Windows 10, menu changes and new features including battery usage statistics.

We’ll be following the journey of Sun Valley and can’t wait to hear more about the changes afoot.

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