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We comprehend the significance of keeping up with the most recent patterns and developments to stay competitive in today’s market. With that in mind, we strive towards helping you attain success through our cutting-edge services and products. Our portfolio of products is customisable to fit your exact requirements.

From cloud computing and software design to data analysis and cybersecurity protection, we deliver the optimal answers for all your IT needs.

Boasting a reliable system infrastructure along with 24/7 support services, you can trust that our specialised team will ensure the safety of your network remains up-to-date at all times.

Partner with IT Backbone Limited and unlock the potential of our advanced, cost-effective solutions. Let us help you unlock the possibilities of tomorrow.

We’re the perfect ally to face the challenges of tomorrow. Our technology solutions provide cost-savings, scalability, and agility that will ensure success for your business.  Join us on this journey and be ready to reap the rewards. Invest in the future of your business with us.

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Unleash the full potential of your business with IT Backbone Limited.

  • Maximise your efficiency with our revolutionary technology.
  • For UK companies looking to enhance their operations, we offer comprehensive IT support built with your unique needs in mind.
  • With our host of secure and dependable hosting solutions, you can breathe easy knowing your data is safe.
  • Let us be your guide on the journey of business transformation and success. Our experienced team will help you maximise your initiatives to ensure a successful outcome.
  • Our innovative, end-to-end network solutions are supported by a 24/7 team of highly trained experts for all your technical needs.
  • Expert professionals with expansive industry insight who are certified to ensure their expertise.
  • We have a medley of platforms, programs, and tools that are perfectly intertwined to work synergistically together.
  • Our contracts are transparent and tailored to your needs – no surprise fees or strings attached.
  • Affordable packages tailored to fit any budget.
  • Quality assurance procedures that guarantee optimal performance.
  • Protect your digital infrastructure with our proactive monitoring service, designed to spot cyber threats before they cause damage.
  • A friendly, helpful team committed to providing superior client support.
  • Uncover innovative strategies for optimising organisational efficiency.
  • Following data security protocols has never been easier with clear-cut guidance on the best practices for compliance.
  • No more worrying in the middle of the night with automated backup routines that provide utter peace of mind.

Information technology

Maximising IT excellence with IT Backbone Limited

At IT Backbone Limited, providing first-rate client support in the information technology industry is our speciality. Our dedication to ensuring clients receive an outstanding experience has been essential to our success, and we make it a priority each day that they are provided with such top-notch service.

Our clients experience unbeatable service right when they begin their journey with us. We provide customised, personalised attention to each one of our consumers, ensuring that all needs are satisfied quickly and proficiently. With a team of IT specialists available around-the-clock, any troubleshooting is handled in no time at all!


Client reviews: Hear what our clients have to say about IT Backbone Limited

Casino Compliance Ltd

"We have used IT Backbone’s services on a number of casino projects, ranging from consultancy right the way through to full IT systems deployments. We have found their knowledge and professionalism a cut above the rest, due to the nature of the business, we have to be sure we choose the right partners. We began trading with IT Backbone four years ago on a renowned London Casino, the way that IT Backbone managed this project has meant we have since used their services for many subsequent casino projects. “It is always hard finding companies that understand the industry and business needs; however, with Jason and his team at our disposal, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services"

David Mills

Managing Director of Casino Compliance Ltd

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Christian Huot

“IT Backbone has the rare ability to deeply understand our business, industry and culture, and their expertise enables us to get the very best from our infrastructure and solutions. IT Backbone provide us with the best solutions and support we could ask for - they are a vital and positive long term partner for us. IT Backbone understand our business and industry to such a degree that we wholeheartedly recommend them to our industry peers. IT Backbone provide us with around the clock full IT support with NOC and SOC included, to ensure our sites are fully protected at any time"

Christian Huot


Park Lane Casino

"Working with IT Backbone was and continues to be an outstanding experience, an MSP who continuously supports our infrastructure and provides a reliable backbone on a day to day basis for our services, support and escalations. Our latest project with IT Backbone entailed implementing and hosting our very own Virtualised HA Environment; this works flawlessly in conjunction with our gaming providers at the Casino"

Glynne Parsons

Managing Director, Park Lane Casino

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Pearson Whiffin Recruitment

“Pearson Whiffin has been working with IT Backbone for over six years, and in that time a relationship has formed between the two business that is based on trust and respect.As well as handling any day to day support issues that may crop up both quickly and efficiently, they have undertaken several large projects for us. These include an Exchange to Office 365 migration and moving us to a virtual desktop solution. Each project has been well planned and handled professionally and with the best interest of my business in mind.They will always be my first option for any IT needs I have in the future”

Rob Pearson

Director of Pearson Whiffin Recruitment

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Get IT solutions tailored to your needs from us.

Our team of savvy IT experts possesses the expertise and proficiency to offer you world-class services and solutions.

Don’t let another day go by without the IT solutions your business needs from IT Backbone Limited! From data storage and management to network security and monitoring, our reliable services cover every step of development – system design, implementation, integration and maintenance. Get ahead of the game with us; secure your future today.

Get in touch with us today! Whether it be over the phone at 020 7199 2222 or via email to, we are excited to hear from you soon.

Information technology technical support

Top questions about IT answered with our FAQs!

Which cutting-edge IT trends and technologies should companies be aware of to stay ahead of the competition?

Companies must be mindful of the current IT trends and technologies to stay one step ahead of their rivals. This includes cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), robotics process automation, data analytics and even blockchain technology for enhanced security as well as more efficient transactions.

Cloud computing allows for the rapid uptake of technology. It enables companies to access data and software from any device, wherever they are in the world, with no need for onsite servers. This is a great cost-saving tool as businesses can reallocate resources towards more important tasks instead of having to invest in costly IT infrastructure.

These cutting-edge tools enable automated processes that enhance productivity while providing insights into the client experience, which gives them an advantage over competitors. AI and ML allow for sophisticated data analysis to be conducted quickly, providing companies with valuable insights into client behaviour and buying habits.

How can IT assist me in optimising my business operations and improving productivity?

IT can revolutionise your business efficiency and profitability by automating everyday tasks, eliminating manual labour, and providing access to comprehensive real-time data analytics. This will allow you to make better decisions quickly that result in cost-savings, enhanced productivity and improved client support.

Furthermore, the latest technologies like cloud computing and machine learning are available within an integrated workplace environment which enhances collaboration between departments – leading to the overall success of your company.

Plus, IT can provide you with real-time insights into client behaviour and preferences which will help inform your marketing strategy. Finally, it is important to consider cybersecurity solutions in order to protect your company from potential cyber threats. Employing the latest security measures and protocols will ensure that your data and systems are safe at all times.

What is the most reliable and secure IT infrastructure for my business?

For the utmost trustworthiness and security of your business, a robust IT infrastructure is paramount. That’s why cloud hosting solutions such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide an excellent level of reliability, scalability, and flexibility to ensure all systems are up-to-date with the most current security protocols and software patching.

If you want even more assurance that everything runs smoothly at your end, consider investing in dedicated servers built with redundancy capabilities or managed services from a dependable IT provider who will keep a vigilant watch over every aspect of hardware maintenance.

What are some of the best ways I can use IT to enhance my customer experience and connection?

IT is a powerful asset that can enhance your customers’ experience and connection to you in the UK. Strategically utilising social media, offering online customer service assistance, using data analytics to track user behaviour and choices, automating operations for improved productivity, and providing virtual assistant services are all effective ways of exploiting IT. Not only will these tactics foster communication between yourself and your intended demographic but they will also reduce costs by simplifying operations – optimising efficiency.

What is the difference between cloud computing and traditional IT?

Cloud computing utilises remote servers hosted on the Internet to store data and software applications, while traditional IT uses local hardware such as personal computers or dedicated servers.

With traditional IT, organisations have to maintain and manage their own hardware, while with cloud computing they can access and store information on a remote server. Cloud computing also offers users greater scalability than traditional IT; businesses can quickly add or remove resources as needed, making it easier to scale up operations without the need for additional hardware.

Furthermore, cloud computing is often more cost effective than traditional IT, as companies don’t need to purchase and maintain hardware or software licences. Cloud computing is often more secure than traditional IT, too. As the data is stored on a remote server, it can be protected by advanced security measures that may not be available to individual computer systems.

How do I know if my business needs an IT consultant?

If you’re having difficulty managing your technology infrastructure or need help with a specific technological project, hiring an experienced professional can be beneficial for helping your company succeed. IT consultants can provide valuable support in designing, building and maintaining your IT infrastructure, as well as assisting with specific technology projects.

An experienced consultant can help you stay up to date on the latest technologies, keeping you competitive in an ever-changing market. They can also help identify areas of improvement within your IT structure and suggest solutions that are tailored to fit your specific needs. Additionally, IT consultants can provide guidance on best practices for data security and compliance with industry regulations.

Ultimately, an IT consultant can be a beneficial resource for businesses that don’t have the time or resources to manage their own technology infrastructure. With their expertise, they can help streamline operations, reduce costs, and ensure your technology is secure.

What are some of the key benefits of using managed services for IT support?

Managed services provide businesses with cost savings in both time and money by eliminating expensive maintenance costs associated with outdated systems. Additionally, managed services provide proactive maintenance which reduces downtime due to system failures caused by a lack of updates or unforeseen errors.

Managed services also provide businesses with increased flexibility and scalability. With managed services, businesses can quickly add or remove resources as needed to accommodate changes in their user base or business objectives.

Are there any risks associated with outsourcing my organisation’s information technology (IT) operations?

Yes; one potential risk when outsourcing your organisation’s operations is that it may result in decreased control over data security protocols, potentially leading to vulnerabilities that could lead to breaches in confidential customer records, financial accounts etc. It is important to ensure the third-party vendor has reliable procedures in place regarding data security best practices before committing to a contract agreement.

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