IT Backbone’s vision and mission

IT Backbone’s vision is to be known as the most customer driven IT partner in the UK, and our mission is to be innovative, customer led experts in IT services.

Where have our vision and mission come from?

When IT Backbone was founded in 2008, a Customer First approach was embedded in the culture from day one. Integrity, doing the right thing and great customer experience shape every project, support package and client relationship we deliver and maintain.

We decided to formalise our vision and mission, to allow our team, clients and peers to be able to easily understand the direction we are working in.

How do our clients benefit?

By sharing our mission, our clients can clearly see just how important they are to us. Customer First shapes everything we do. We invest heavily in our engineers’ knowledgebases and technical expertise, so that each of our clients receives the very best service possible, and our clients will always reach a technical expert directly, every time they call us. We are proud to say that many clients partner with us for the long term.

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