Does your old computer give you resting Grinch face?


Treat yo’elf to a shiny new PC this Christmas


As long as it’s updated and maintained, the average PC is expected to last three years. If you already had your current PC when Game of Thrones finished, or before Toy Story 4 was showing in cinemas, you might want to think about popping a new one on your Christmas list. 


The costs that can come with maintaining an old PC are snow laughing matter. Adding RAM and storage, installing anti virus solutions and protection are just a few of the ways that old computers can become expensive to maintain. There’s also the added issue of the rising costs of electricity at the moment. 


Signs that your computer’s hanging on for deer life 


It’s hot – fans work harder to reduce the heat an overworked computer generates 

It’s noisy – also the fans, they’re noisy because they’re working harder 

It’s slow – there may not be enough memory or storage for your computer to work on pretty standard tasks 


Ho-ho-hold on though, what do I do with my old PC? 


Well, you can’t regift it, but you can get rid of it responsibly. Some retailers will take your old PC off your hands when you buy a new one, or you can talk to your local council about responsible disposal options. 



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