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    UK Based Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

    Fully managed and dedicated isolated virtual networks to support your business’ growth.

    Do you wish to eliminate the risk of running your infrastructure on-premise? Virtual private cloud offers your business a fully managed and monitored environment, where you have the ability to work securely from anywhere that has an internet connection.

    Whether you’re looking for enhanced security for your data, cost-effective solutions for your resources, flexible working or other, then a virtual private cloud is the best solution for your business infrastructure.  Have full peace of mind knowing that all your data is held in a secure facility within the country through a virtual private cloud and will never leave the UK. 

    Through flexible design, we are able to adapt the virtual servers to the exact needs of our clients’ application. Here at IT Backbone, our dedicated isolated virtual network(s) are fully secured with the latest next-generation firewall technology and the best in enterprise switching.

    Explore some of the many benefits of integrating your business to a virtual private cloud.

    Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

    The Benefits Of VPC

    Usability & Accessibility –  Increase flexibility, usability and accessibility of how and where you can work with a virtual private cloud. Here at IT Backbone, we support multiple methods of access – from direct point to point access from your office, personal VPN client or remote desktop solution. Plus, we support other flexible working tools such as teams for voice communications, video conferencing and collaboration.

    Cost-Effective Solution – Would you like to reduce your annual operating costs? With competitive fixed monthly pricing and no unexpected cost changes due to unforeseen network traffic, a virtual private cloud can offer you the best cost-effective solution for your resources and storing data more securely.

    Collaborative – Our Virtual Private Cloud services offer you a simple and secure solution to create a VPC very easily and quickly. With our resources you can have complete control over your virtual cloud environment, including network gateways, the selection of your own IP address range, options for additional security features such as URL filtering and more.

    Reasons To Use Virtual Private Cloud

    Access your cloud computing services anywhere with an internet connection, just as if you were in the office. All of our cloud computing services come with an easy to use web interface, so you can work as if you are in the office from any PC and most tablets.
    Business Continuity
    IT Backbone’s cloud computing services feature robust business continuity. If there is a failure in your primary data centre, services can be failed over to a secondary data centre, where your users can access the applications and data that keep them running.
    Security & Protection
    Our robust security measures and anti-virus software keeps your data secure. With large investments in security, SMB data is safer in the cloud than on-premise. Regular backups protect your business from data loss.
    Ease of Management
    No IT personnel are required to manage your cloud services; you can use our easy control panel or contact our support staff to make changes on your behalf.
    Confidence in Your Provider
    Our expert team monitor your services 24x7x365, performing all maintenance, software, and security updates. This gives you the highest possible uptime for your IT services.
    Our expert team provide round the clock support when you need it.

    Learn More About VPC For Your Business Today

    Whether you’re looking for added security with a two-factor authentication or second site data replication for backup and disaster recovery, then a virtual private network is the best solution for you. Discover how we can support your business’ growth and get in touch with our specialists today to learn more about VPC.

    IT support forms the foundation of the managed IT services we deliver to businesses.
    End-to-end managed services that meet the needs of modern businesses.
    We partner with industry leaders to deliver backup & disaster recovery services that you can rely on.

    Are you interested in learning more about our cloud services? Discover how we can provide your business with the best solutions. Get in touch with our specialists today.

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    IT Services in Kent
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    IT Services in Kent
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