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Are you frustrated with the lack of IT support service in Kent? IT Backbone Limited is the answer to your needs.

We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality IT support for businesses of all sizes. With our services, you can rest assured that your IT infrastructure will be up and running with minimal downtime.

IT can be a mentally taxing and laborious task, but we make it simple by offering tailored IT support, maintenance and solutions. Our team of adept IT professionals will offer you the best services in Kent without any hassle or worry – so that your business has one less thing to think about.

For businesses of any size, our IT support service provides the help you need to stay connected and secure. Boasting years of expertise in this field, we offer a wide range of services, including IT consultancy, project management, security solutions, network setup and maintenance – so that you can reap the full benefits from technology.

By leveraging our proactive IT solutions, your business can stay one step ahead of the competition. Not only will we promote higher performance and efficiency within IT operations, but we will also simplify overall costs associated with technology management.

When you work with IT Backbone Limited in Kent, you’re guaranteed to receive superior IT support service. Our team of competent specialists are here for any possible technical issues and will strive diligently to ensure your technology systems run optimally, securely, and reliably.

By choosing us as your go-to provider for all of your computing needs – from installation onsite through full system monitoring – we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

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Uncover the outstanding benefits of IT Backbone Limited

  • 24/7 client support with talented experts always ready to assist
  • Effective IT solutions customised for business needs
  • Cutting-edge technologies ensuring top performance and reliability
  • Comprehensive enterprise infrastructure design and implementation plans tailored to each organisation’s requirements
  • Streamlined processes, enabling efficient working practices
  • Advanced data security measures keeping sensitive information secure
  • Automated support systems providing proactive maintenance services
  • Quality assurance techniques guarantee reliable products
  • Expert guidance on choosing ideal software applications
  • High availability networks designed according to current industry trends
  • Scalable system architecture optimising budget expenditure
  • Onsite training options improving technical understanding
  • End-user documentation produced in easy-to-understand language
  • Deployment projects managed efficiently
  • Regular health checks pinpointing potential threats


Enjoy exceptional client support with IT Backbone Limited.

IT Backbone Limited is widely renowned for its exceptional client support, providing unparalleled support and responsiveness to all of our clients. Our team of qualified professionals works diligently to ensure that any enquiries or issues are swiftly resolved with accuracy and care – ensuring a seamless experience every time.

We pride ourselves on taking the extra step in striking up meaningful relationships with our clients and building trust as we deliver value-driven solutions at every stage. Whatever your IT needs may be, you can rest assured that IT Backbone Limited will provide excellence in both quality and reliability every time.

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Casino Compliance Ltd

"We have used IT Backbone’s services on a number of casino projects, ranging from consultancy right the way through to full IT systems deployments. We have found their knowledge and professionalism a cut above the rest, due to the nature of the business, we have to be sure we choose the right partners. We began trading with IT Backbone four years ago on a renowned London Casino, the way that IT Backbone managed this project has meant we have since used their services for many subsequent casino projects. “It is always hard finding companies that understand the industry and business needs; however, with Jason and his team at our disposal, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services"

David Mills

Managing Director of Casino Compliance Ltd

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Mayfair Casino Ltd

"IT Backbone has the rare ability to deeply understand our business, industry and culture, and their expertise enables us to get the very best from our infrastructure and solutions."

Christian Huot


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Park Lane Casino

"Working with IT Backbone was and continues to be an outstanding experience, an MSP who continuously supports our infrastructure and provides a reliable backbone on a day to day basis for our services, support and escalations. Our latest project with IT Backbone entailed implementing and hosting our very own Virtualised HA Environment; this works flawlessly in conjunction with our gaming providers at the Casino"

Glynne Parsons

Managing Director, Park Lane Casino

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Pearson Whiffin Recruitment

“Pearson Whiffin has been working with IT Backbone for over six years, and in that time a relationship has formed between the two business that is based on trust and respect.As well as handling any day to day support issues that may crop up both quickly and efficiently, they have undertaken several large projects for us. These include an Exchange to Office 365 migration and moving us to a virtual desktop solution. Each project has been well planned and handled professionally and with the best interest of my business in mind.They will always be my first option for any IT needs I have in the future”

Rob Pearson

Director of Pearson Whiffin Recruitment

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If you’re looking for expert IT support services that can meet the demands of your business, look no further than IT Backbone Limited.

From providing comprehensive managed services for businesses of all sizes to delivering bespoke solutions tailored to larger organisations, our team has all the expertise necessary to help take your business operations forward.

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Get answers to your IT support questions in Kent!

What kind of IT support services are available in Kent?

In Kent, businesses are offered a vast array of IT support services that serve to improve their efficiency and operations. These include, but are not limited to: system installation and maintenance with a focus on security; efficient management and administration of networks; disaster recovery strategies tailored to your business needs; as well as custom IT solutions designed especially for you.

Keep your business on the path of success and security by having an IT specialist available to help when sudden obstacles arise. If you’re in search of a dependable provider of IT support in Kent, make sure to select one that has been offering top-notch solutions to its clients for years.

For any IT support service provider in Kent, ensure they have a reputable history of offering timely solutions, effective remedies and extraordinary client support. With the right IT companion on your side, you can be sure that all investments into IT are utilised properly and prepared for future challenges as well. That way, you can relax knowing that your current needs are fulfilled with precision – giving you peace of mind along the way.

How can I access the IT support service offered in Kent?

If you’re located in Kent and are seeking IT service solutions, then you can take advantage of the wide range of providers located throughout the county.

Whether it’s installation or maintenance, security or data protection – these experienced professionals offer a variety of IT services to support your needs.

To ensure you make the ideal decision when choosing an IT service provider, they must provide thorough details regarding their services and solutions. This way, your business can be properly supported in all of its tech needs.

How can IT support service providers in Kent help me?

IT support providers in Kent are unparalleled when it comes to offering comprehensive IT solutions for businesses, regardless of size. By utilising the latest technological advances and innovative solutions, they can provide your business with a solid foundation that allows you to stay ahead of the curve while also enhancing security measures and fortifying operations.

IT service experts in Kent not only provide helpful support, but they also stay on top of the latest IT trends and can offer their expertise to ensure you get the best possible technical solutions for your business.

How quickly do I get results once contacting an IT support service provider in Kent?

In Kent, IT support service providers grasp the importance of speed when dealing with technology-related matters. After you contact them for assistance, their team will be onsite within 24 hours, prepared to get started on resolving your issue promptly. They are committed to providing swift and reliable solutions so that all our clients can experience maximum efficiency without any delays.

Can I trust my data security is handled by an IT support service provider in Kent?

IT support service providers in Kent are committed to offering the most advanced level of data security and protection. Their highly experienced professionals can identify probable threats, thus enabling you to protect your company from any malicious attack that could lead to a disruption of services or loss of information.

By tapping into IT support services in Kent, businesses will benefit from a secure and trusted IT infrastructure.

Additionally, there are always experts available to quickly address any unforeseen issues that arise so your business can enjoy the highest quality of service with minimal downtime or disruption.

How can I find a reliable IT support service provider in Kent?

Choosing a reliable IT support provider in Kent can be an intimidating process.

To ensure you find the best service for your needs, take the time to ask important questions regarding what solutions they offer, their experience level, as well as any certifications or qualifications that could prove beneficial to your business operations.

Doing this research upfront will help guarantee success with your selection.

What sort of technical expertise do IT support service providers in Kent have?

When it comes to IT support, the providers in Kent have an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience. Their team consists of technicians and experts dedicated to optimising IT operations with their mastery over the current software and hardware solutions. You can be confident that your IT services are managed by experienced professionals who will ensure smooth operation every time.

Choosing the right IT support partner in Kent is an absolute necessity for your business. Relying on their expertise, you can rest assured that any potential IT challenges are addressed and managed swiftly. Moreover, by forging a partnership with them, you will be able to improve your technology investments and ensure the peak performance of all related assets.

Does working with an external IT support service provider in Kent take up much time?

Rest assured that you won’t need to continuously reach out to IT support service providers in Kent. It’s a relief, really – a team of technical professionals will always be available when needed, ready to help with any array of tech services; no more extra effort or energy is required from your side.

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